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Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu

Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu; a registered society, was formed by G.O.396 dated 12.12.2014 under the Chairmanship of the Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The General Body consists of 21 members including the Hon’ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare and Hon’ble Minister of Finance. Transtan’s entire functions are overseen by an Executive Committee which includes the Principal Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu, Health & Family Welfare Dept.

Transtan also functions as Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO) and State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO) by GOI order and was registered as a society on 18th March 2015. Cadaver Transplant Program is one of the programs run by TRANSTAN and will also coordinate and supervise entire range of transplant activities including live transplants, cadaver transplants and tissue transplants.

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The Cadaver Transplant Program was started by G.O. No.296; dated 16.09.2008. Early 2007 - Kidney scam in tsunami settlements lead to a full day Workshop of transplant hospitals. The workshop participants were organized into four working groups that deliberated on these issues 1.Live donors 2.Transplantation formalities 3.Cadaver Transplant 4.Coordinating Organization.

Recommendations were studied and informal working group formed to draft Government Orders. A series of Government Orders were issued to lay down a set of norms that would supplement the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA) and its Rules and establish a framework through which organs could be allotted in a fair manner to the potential recipients that await organ transplantation. Key G.O.s established organ sharing regulations, appointment of Convener and the setting up of Advisory Committee to oversee the functioning.

Functions of Transtan include the following : Streamlining all procedures related to Cadaver and Living Organ Transplantation, helping hospitals identify brain stem death and maintain, distributing organs in a transparent manner, maintaining a online waitlist registry, transmitting soft skills related to donor maintenance, helping hospitals in medical legal procedures, liaising with Police in providing Green Corridor for transporting organs, compile a state and regional database, liaising with neighbouring States in organ sharing, liaising with the Govt of India on issues related to transplants.